The use of Panel Carratelli, in particular the d-ROMs Test, the BAP Test and the anti-ROMs Test, is increasingly widespread in oxygen-ozone therapy, to verify first of all that the patient is fit for treatment and subsequently during therapy to monitor their effectiveness.didonna

Dr. Vincenzo Di Donna is a user and a scholar in this field. Dr. Di Donna is a Vascular Surgeon, he is the managing director of the Medical Center DA.MA. Salus in Trani (Italy) and collaborate as a physician at JMedical Center in Turin in the Juventus Stadium. He is a founder of SIMCRI (Italian Society of Medicine and Regenerative Surgery).

Dr. Donna uses ozone therapy also in the field of Sports Medicine to reactivate and strengthen microcirculation and to reduce the levels of oxidative stress due to the increase of free radicals at cellular level following intense physical activity. The ozone is an oxidizing agent, but thanks to a "paradoxical effect" has an antioxidant function that increase the antioxidant defenses of athletes. This is possible if it is administered at appropriate doses, nowadays related to the levels of the d-ROMs Test (Panel Carratelli).

ozonoAgonistic and amateur athletes are subjected to very high levels of oxidative stress, detectable with the Carratelli Panel, which allows to monitor the level of oxidative damage of the athlete's tissues and cells to prevent possible damage. The risks for professional athletes in general are to incur neurodegenerative diseases such as SLA and increase cardiovascular risk.

Ozone has proven to be able to regenerate these cells compromised by the action of free radicals, thanks to its antioxidant action and its potentiating microcirculation effect. For this reason, ozone is also used by sports practitioners to counteract the harmful effects of free radicals.

So, ozone is practiced for preventive, precautionary and curative action on athletes to avoid serious damage to oxidative stress, which if neglected can lead to serious illness.



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