The 15th Edition of the annual Seminar on Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants was held on July 9 in Tokyo at Akihabara Convention Hall. The Seminar was organized by Wirsmell company, the official distributor of Diacron International in Japan; the company this year also celebrates its 20 years of activity.

Tokyo 2017

Like every year, the event has been very successful and the 200 participating physicians have deepened the knowledge of Panel Carratelli and its uses in the medical and research field through the speakers' speech. In particular, Dr. Minoru Yamakado argued that "lifestyle disorders are disturbances caused by oxidative stress"; Dr. Eugenio Luigi Iorio, now present from the first edition; Dr. Immaculata De Vivo, a scholar at Harvard Medical School about telomere's role; Dr. Makoto Ohara who related glycemic variability and oxidative stress.

Dr. Chie Ebata, Dr. Lee Seung-Nam, Dr. Masaaki Sugita and Dr. Hirohiko Kuratsune also attended.

This seminar is now the annual reference event in Japan for doctors to learn about and update on novelty in the assessment of oxidative stress with Panel Carratelli (in particular d-ROMs Test and BAP Test), especially regarding the multiple studies performed in this country.

The goal is always to spread the importance of regular monitoring of the oxidative status and of the antioxidant potential with Panel Carratelli for a predictive and preventive approach to health issues. 

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