Panel Carratelli and Ozone therapy

ozonoOn Saturday April 22 will be held in Treviso (Italy) a workshop that will concern the theme of oxygen ozone therapy, both from a theoretical and practical view. The event is organized by the European Neurosurgical Spine Center (EU.N.I).

The workshop will aim to provide a practical knowledge on the topics of greatest interest in Oxygen-Ozone Therapy and provide talking points and exchanges of views with direct interaction with teachers.

Among the speakers will be present dr. Francesco Colombini who will talk about the importance of oxidative stress assessment with d-ROMs Test and BAP Test in ozone therapy. The Panel Carratelli’s tests are widely used in this field to ensure that the patient is suitable for the treatment and subsequently, during therapy, to monitor its effectiveness.

Will be also present dr. Emma Borrelli, expert on respiratory diseases and professor at the University of Siena; dr. Marco Minetto from University of Turin; professor Raoul Saggini from University of Chieti-Pescara; dr. Lamberto Re from University of Ancona and the dr. Raffaello Pellegrino. From Eu.N.I. Center will be present  dr. Alberto Alexandre, dr. Mario De Pretto and dr. Luca Corò.

For more information about the event, please contact Medica.


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