It is finally available to all doctors and other professionals working in the field of well-being, the Panel Carratelli, an integrated analytical approach that allows to assess the oxidative stress in a global way through 8 tests complementary to each other.

The different tests of Carratelli Panel can be performed both with the dedicated systems FREE Carpe Diem and FREE DUO, but also in the laboratory. We developed, in fact, also kits dedicated to automatic analyzers and manual photometers to allow laboratories to use their equipment.

The tests that compose Carratelli Panel can be divided into two groups:
Thanks to Panel Carratelli you can perform a laboratory diagnosis of oxidative stress more precise and reliable, where the two opposite components, either pro- or anti-oxidant can be assessed separately. In other words, the health professional can determine in real time whether oxidative stress is due to an increased production and/or a decreased ability to eliminate free radicals. In this way the monitoring of antioxidant therapy can be based on a more solid base and come out of the empirical stage.

Everyone should undergo at least two tests of the Carratelli Panel (e.g. d-ROMs Test and anti-ROMs Test), not only if a person is in good health but, more importantly, when is exposed in a non-episodic pro-oxidant factors (e.g. incorrect lifestyle, pollutants in the workplace, etc..) or with chronic degenerative diseases (e.g. diabetes, atherosclerosis, cancer, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, etc..) or, finally, if is forced to undergo certain treatments ( e.g. dialysis, bypass, organ transplantation, pill, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.). Only through this evaluation it will be possible to optimize specific therapies and monitor the effectiveness of antioxidant treatments, too often assumed without a test that document the actual need of it.


DIACRON INTERNATIONAL s.r.l is the leader company in research and evaluation of oxidative stress. Our company produces and sells analytical dedicated instruments, kits and accessories for oxidative stress assessment in Human, Veterinary and Agrifood fields.