LP CHOLOX Test allows an accurate and precise photometrical measure of the level of lipoeroxides in the plasma and, in particular, the blood concentration of oxidized cholesterol.


FREE Radicals and, in general, all the oxidative species affect mainly certain classes of circulating lipids, such as cholesterol and unsaturated fatty acids, that have in their molecular structure at least one double bond between carbons. This generates in the plasma a group of compounds called "lipoperoxides" which play a decisive role in the damage of vascular walls which, from simple Endothelial dysfunction, can lead to the formation of the atherosclerotic plaque itself.
LP CHOLOX Test measures photometrically the level of circulating Lipoperoxides, mostly derived from cholesterol, with a simple method without enzymes that can be cumbersome in routine laboratory analysis.

Working conditions

The test must be carried on serum or heparinized plasma.
It can be used both on dedicated systems (FREE Carpe Diem e FREE DUO), and on standard manual photometers.

Interpretation of results

In healthy subject the LP CHOLOX Test has a value between 100 and 150 μmol/L (using cumene hydroperoxide as a standard). Values higher than 150 μmol/L suggest a possible cardiovascular risk.

LP CHOLOX (μEq/L) Alteration
< 600 Normal values
600 - 800 Slight alteration
800 - 1000 Moderate alteration
> 1000 Strong alteration

This new test is one of the most promising, specific and simple tests for prevention of atherosclerotic damage and to monitor the treatment of atherosclerosis in its many systemic events (heart attack, stroke, intermittent claudication, etc.), as it provides a measure of the real culprits of endothelial injury, peroxidized fats. All of this in the belief that we should perhaps not only call "bad" LDL cholesterol but all the cholesterol that is oxidized, regardless of their belonging to one of the lipoproteic fraction.


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