d-ROMs Test, BAP Test and other tests of Panel Carratelli have been adopted worldwide by the most important research centers, universities, laboratories, medical centers and international wellness centers for the study of oxidative stress.

The d-ROMs Test, in particular, is the recommended test by the international scientific community to evaluate oxidative stress, while the BAP test for the evaluation of the antioxidant capacity.

In the map you can find the countries in the world where are present analytical laboratories, medical centers and medical specialists who carry out our tests.
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DIACRON INTERNATIONAL s.r.l is the leader company in research and evaluation of oxidative stress. Our company produces and sells analytical dedicated instruments, kits and accessories for oxidative stress assessment in Human, Veterinary and Agrifood fields.

The company was founded in 2001 by  Mauro Carratelli, the inventor of d-ROMs Test and of all the dedicated kits for oxidative stress assessment (Panel Carratelli). He is the current President and he leads the Research team. The Carratelli’s vision is to allow the assessment of the oxidative stress in the clinical practice, available to every people involved in healthcare.

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