Who we are

The DIACRON group has been involved in research and diagnostics in the human, veterinary and agri-food sectors for more than 30 years. It includes Diacron International, which deals with research and methods for oxidative balance assessment, and Diacron Labs for the agri-food sector.

DIACRON was created by Mauro Carratelli (hence the name of the CARR unit of measurement) with the aim of measuring oxidation processes, which are responsible for ageing. His research led to the development of innovative measurement methods for evaluating oxidative stress and agro-food parameters. Through its tests and instruments, DIACRON has made the monitoring of oxidative and antioxidative agents usable to a wide class of professionals working in Research and Medicine, as well as in the agri-food sector.

Confirming the company’s know-how, there are now more than 1800 scientific studies in which DIACRON tests are used. A distinguishing feature is the scientific and technical assistance that the company offers to all its customers. Today DIACRON is the official supplier of the most prestigious research centres, laboratories and medical specialists in Italy and worldwide for the evaluation of oxidative balance. In the agri-food sector, its customers include oil producers of excellence, oil mills, wineries and cosmetics companies.

Furthermore, the DIACRON group is ISO 13485:2016 certified, which guarantees the production of safe and effective medical devices, and ISO 9001:2015, which guarantees the design and manufacture of products according to the highest quality standards.

The History

DIACRON’s history is deeply intertwined with that of its founder Mauro Carratelli.
It was he who developed the Carratelli Panel tests and designed the dedicated FREE (Free Radical Elective Evaluator) instrumentation.


Diacron srl is founded


Fine-tuning the dROMs Test


Development of OXY-Adsorbent Test and -SHp Test for measuring the antioxidant barrier


Validation of the dROMs Test


Development of the BAP Test for determining the Biological Antioxidant Potential of plasma


Start of test distribution in Europe and first 100 scientific studies published by the international scientific community


Diacron International is founded


Start of test deployment in the USA, Australia, Japan and South Korea


Fine-tuning of agri-food testing and first tests on oil and wine


Realisation of the FREE Carpe Diem


Diacron Labs is founded


Implementation of the FREE Duo and first vinegar tests


Application of raw material tests for cosmetic products


Carratelli Panel counts 15 tests


Diacron distributes in 40 countries worldwide


We are present in 40 countries worldwide

Where we are

DIACRON has only one location in Italy, in Grosseto. Products are sold worldwide either directly or through local distributors.

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